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Children First Academy Trust

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In computing at Brettenham our aim is to support children in becoming confident users of technology who have an understanding of how computers and the web work and have experience of using computational thinking to solve problems by writing programs.

We have a dedicated ICT Suite, laptops, iPads and other accessories which all help to provide children with the chance to experience working with different devices. All classrooms are equipped with interactive touch displays, visualizers and audio equipment which all help to enrich their learning experiences.

The content is delivered through a variety of themed topics which ensures children are given the opportunity to develop a wide range of computing skills and apply these in a context. We follow the National Curriculum programme of study for computing and our key concepts are;

  • Digital Literacy; using IT purposefully, creatively and safely
  • Computer Science; developing computational thinking and programming skills
  • Computers, Networks and the Web; understanding how computers, networks and the web function

Below you can view the Trust Computing Curriculum Intent, the key learning at each stage (composite knowledge) and progression documents for each year group.