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Yellow Class - Year One

Classes for September 2020


In September, your new class will be BLUE.


Please see their class website page from the morning of Monday 13th July and watch the video to find out who your new teacher will be.

A Message for Red Class...Welcome to Yellow Class! I am your new teacher!

Welcome to Yellow Class!

Your class teacher is

Mrs Hyllam-Elliston

Hello Yellow Class, I hope you have had another lovely weekend. May I take this opportunity on behalf of all of the year 1 staff to say a big thank you and well done to you all (adults and children) for your hard work and determination over the past weeks. We have missed you all so very much and we cannot wait to see you all in September. Enjoy your summer holiday, stay safe and keep smiling smiley Mrs Amorosi.


Please find the plan for the week beginning Monday 13th July below:

Sports Day

We had fun on our sports day.

Sports Day

Balancing a bean bag.

Sports Day

How many times did Gabriel get the bean bag in the hoop?

Hello Yellow Class


I hope you and your families are all well.


Please find the plan for the week beginning Monday 6th July below.


Take care and keep smiling smiley

Holly playing the xylophone

Can you guess what tune Holly is playing?

In Science, we have been looking at the parts of a plant.


We made a beautiful flower using different materials and labelled the parts.

We made a flower.

We grew a bean on Monday 1st June 2020.


We recorded what happened in a bean diary.


Look how tall they have grown!

Beanstalk growers!

Hello Yellow Class, I hope you are all well.

Please find the plan for the week beginning Monday 29th June below:

Take care and keep smiling smiley

Rexhina playing

Can you guess what song Rexhina is playing?


This is "WEEEEEEEE!" by Brettenham on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Hello Yellow Class

Please click on the links below to learn about singular and plural nouns.


Hello Yellow Class, I hope you have had another lovely weekend spending quality time with your families. If you keep scrolling, you will see that Mrs Hyllam - Elliston has shared some of the wonderful work that you have produced whilst being at home. I have had a look and I must say you are all superstars for continuing to work hard at home during these uncertain times. Keep up the great work Yellow Classsmiley


Please find the plan for the week beginning Monday 22nd June below:

If you would like to further support your child with their phonics at home, please click on the link below:



The document below details 11 wellbeing activities that you can do at home with the whole family. Enjoy.

Home learning work


Children who are working from home have produced such great work I wanted to show what some of them have been doing.

This is fantastic work!

Star of the week!


I have thought and thought about who could be star of the week and I have decided to choose


Saeed has been working so hard at home. He completes his work on Purple mash and sends photographs to show what he has been doing at home.

Well done Saeed you deserve this so much!

Saeed doing home learning.

How do I feel to be back at school?


In PSHE, the children at school thought about how it feels to be back at school.

Our display

Here is a short video for you all to watch. It put a smile on my face, I hope it brings a smile to your face too.

While We Can't Hug

Hello Yellow Class, I hope you have had a lovely weekend with your families.

Please find the plan for the week beginning Monday 15th June below.

Stay safe and keep smiling smiley

WOW! Look at our lovely display

We read the story "AHHH!" said stork.

We made a stork using different materials, then described the stork using different adjectives.


We have been using a xylophone to learn and play "London's Burning"

Making our stork pictures.

We are back at school and keeping ourselves very busy.

We made a puzzle of our face.

Hello yellow class. I hope you and your families are all safe and well and you are enjoying spending quality time together. A weekly plan will continue to be uploaded onto this page even though your class teacher is at school teaching some of your class mates.

Please find the weekly plan for the week beginning Monday 8th June below.

Keep smiling smiley

Home learning at home only


Hello Yellow Class children at home.


If you are working at home you can still go on Purple Mash for work to do.


You can listen to the story

"AHH!" said stork


Think about the story.

Where did the story take place?

What were the animals trying to do?

What would you do to open the egg?

Hello Yellow Class

It's half term, so I will not be setting any work on our website or Purple mash.


The weather will be great for half term, so enjoy this work free week with your family -

relax, play games and have fun most of all keep safe.


If you are stuck for ideas. This website could help


Mrs Hyllam-Elliston 

Phone calls


A huge thank you to all the parents and children who I spoke to.

It was really nice to hear your  voices again.

It really warmed my heart!!*

smiley heart

Star of the Week


'David and Amelia '


These two children have impressed me with the work they have done on Purple mash.

Their written work has improved so much and I can see they both have thought about their work and what they wrote.

Hello Yellow Class our family topics this week is Art and Geography. Hope you enjoy it!

Dear Parents/Carers, 



We are asking Year 1 children to send us in short video clips (15-30 seconds) of what they are doing at home - some suggestions might be:

Having breakfast together

Doing exercise

Online lessons

Home schooling with parents

Doing craft activities 

Reading to a parent

Watching a teacher's video at home


You can also talk to the camera and send messages such as; thankyou message to teachers or telling us how they're missing their friends. 

 Planning Week 7  - 11.5.20

Rainbow number bonds to 10 and 20

We are looking at having a different topic each week that families can work on together during the week. This week our topic will be: UK GEOGRAPHY

Star of the Week!


Well done Mehmet

Mehmet is 'Star of the Week' because he has been very busy at home with his family.


He has also sent me a few emails to keep me in touch with what he has been doing.

Mehmet keeping busy at home.

Home learning 04.05.2020-08.05.2020

Let's make playdough!

Hello Yellow Class

A big thank you to the children who have sent me an email using 2Email on Purple Mash.


It was really nice to hear from you


If you haven't sent me an email, don't worry you can still send one or two.


You can send me an email anytime on 2Email and tell me what things you and your family are doing.


Star of the Week!


Well done Rosetta


Rosetta is 'Star of  the Week' because she has been very creative and has kept herself very busy with lots of things to do at home, as well as going on Purple Mash.


Rosetta and her mum were happy to share what they have been doing to keep busy at home.

Oh No George!

Still image for this video
Oh No George ! read by Mrs Stephenson. Hope you enjoy it!

Hello Yellow Class!


I hope you and your families are well and keeping safe at home.

The Home Learning timetable for week 5 is below.


This week you are going to do a science experiment using smarties or skittles.

It is really good fun so enjoy!


Don't forget to go on Purple Mash for some of your homework!

Home Learning Week 5 Monday 27th April 2020

Missing phonics!

Here are some lessons you can do to practise.

Everyday at 10:30am.

Make sure you click on Year 1 lessons.

Hello Yellow Class can you send me an email?

Star of the Week!


First, I would like to say 'Well done!' to all the children in Yellow Class who have been using Purple Mash to do their homework.


This has not been an easy decision to make.


I am choosing Zeynep for 'Star of the Week' because after a little reminder she went on Purple Mash for the first time and completed her homework with the help from her brother.

Well done Zeynep!

We would like to thank the NHS for all their hard work!

Home Learning Update

Week Beginning Monday 20th April 2020

The Home Learning timetable for this week is below.

Some of the activities can be accessed on Purple Mash as a 2do.

Please remember to save your work in your folder.

Home Learning Week 4 Monday 20th April 2020

Easter Holiday Homework! Hope you were able to listen to the story How to grow a Dinosaur! Why not try and design a shoe box garden?

How to Grow a dinosaur

Still image for this video
Mrs Stephenson reading How to grow a Dinosaur hope you enjoy it! Gardening can be fun , why don't you have a go!

Homework Week 3 06.04.2020

Let's make a superhero or a super villain.

Year 1 Homework Week 2 30.03.2020

Homework Week 1 Monday 23rd March 2020

Home learning

Hello Yellow Class, 

Sadly, for the next few weeks, the school will be closed.

During this time homework will be set and completed at home.

A timetable of the work will be uploaded giving you the task to complete for each day.

Click on the link to view the homework.

Work will also be on Purple Mash as a 2do, for you to complete.

If you have forgotten your Purple Mash login or have any issues regarding the homework

please email me on:


Thank you

Mrs Hyllam-Elliston

To access Oxford reading books.

Click on my class login

my class name: yclass

my class password: year1

Have fun reading!

We showed our art work called 'field of flowers'

We were inspired to make some art work starting of with just a dot.

We made our own movable toy in the shape of a bird.

Our new Creative Curriculum topic is 'Toys'.

We looked very closely at some toys and had to decide how they moved.

Well done! This week everyone in Yellow Class were at school. We were awarded the 'Attendance trophy'

In Numeracy, we worked together to find the heaviest and the lightest objects.

This time we used weighing scales to weigh objects. We needed to find the lightest and the heaviest objects in our trays.

In Numeracy, we pretended to be weighing scales. We used the key words 'heavy and light.'

In Numeracy, we used numicon to help us solve some addition and subtraction word problems.

We had a fabulous music workshop. We played musical instruments and did lots of actions to the story 'The Gruffalo'

Bruce Castle Museum trip. Workshop on 'Kings and Queens'

Homework: Look at our beautiful castles we have made.

Our second Creative Curriculum topic is

'Kings and Queens.'


We are looking and finding out information about Queen Elizabeth 2nd and her family.

Circle Time. A time to reflect and come together as a class to talk and listen.

Curiosity Box: Our curiosity box has things inside to do with the story we are looking at.

Yellow Class Charter

Our first Creative Curriculum topic is 'My family and where I live'.


Thank you for bringing in the lovely 'memory boxes'.


We have really enjoyed sharing them in class. It has been a huge talking point and the children have loved showing their things with each other and with other teachers too.

We brought to school a memory box. Inside the memory box we put a baby photograph, a family photograph, baby clothes and our favourite toy.

We have been reading the story 'Shark in the park' by Nick Sharratt.

We retold the story using lots of actions.

To see us perform the story with lots of actions.

Please click on Curriculum and then video resource center.

Watch us!

In Numeracy, we have ordering and writing numbers up to 20.

Ordering with partner and writing numbers up to 20 using a number line.

A Parent’s Guide to Supporting Children’s Spelling

Breakfast Club is 8:15 - 8:45 am , The cost is £1.50 per day . please pay on Parent Pay in advance , School dinners need to be paid for in advance on Parent Pay .....................