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Spanish Intent


We use the BCC Languages’ Scheme of Work, which provides a creative, stimulating curriculum for pupils at Key Stage 2, where they can enjoy playing with language and become life-long lovers of Spanish.


* To foster an interest in learning other languages

* To introduce children to another language in a way that is enjoyable and fun

* To stimulate and encourage pupils’ curiosity about language and creativity in experimenting with it

*To make pupils aware that language has structure and that the structure differs from one language to another

* To develop pupils’ understanding of different cultures

* To develop pupils’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills

* To lay the foundations for future study, so that when pupils go to secondary school they will do so with a sound basic knowledge of some linguistic structures and associated vocabulary, with an enthusiasm to learn more

* To promote international

* To give an extra dimension to teaching and learning across the curriculum

School is closed for INSET Monday 2nd November , we re-open for children Tuesday 3rd November ...................There is no breakfast Club or after school clubs running this term, if this changes we will inform you in advance............................. All dinner monies for years 3-6 must be paid in advance on Parent Pay, dinner money is £11:50 per week per child....................