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Spanish Intent


We use the BCC Languages’ Scheme of Work, which provides a creative, stimulating curriculum for pupils at Key Stage 2, where they can enjoy playing with language and become life-long lovers of Spanish.


* To foster an interest in learning other languages

* To introduce children to another language in a way that is enjoyable and fun

* To stimulate and encourage pupils’ curiosity about language and creativity in experimenting with it

*To make pupils aware that language has structure and that the structure differs from one language to another

* To develop pupils’ understanding of different cultures

* To develop pupils’ speaking, listening, reading and writing skills

* To lay the foundations for future study, so that when pupils go to secondary school they will do so with a sound basic knowledge of some linguistic structures and associated vocabulary, with an enthusiasm to learn more

* To promote international

* To give an extra dimension to teaching and learning across the curriculum

If any member of your household is getting a coronavirus test, please do not send your children into school until you know the results of these tests............................. All dinner monies for years 3-6 must be paid in advance on Parent Pay, dinner money is £11:50 per week per child....................From Tuesday 5th January only Key worker and Vulnerable pupils will be expected to attend school, all other pupils will be learning from home, please take a look at your child's class page for information on how to access the set work, please email the teacher if you have any issues with access...........................