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Physical Activity


Currently, we are encouraging children to be more physically active at home, setting them home challenges advertised at school. Please see some ideas below:



Silly Socks Skills

Don't have a ball at home? Struggling to find sports equipment in the house? Do not worry as we have some challenges that only require socks and some household items.



This week we want you to create your own daily challenges based around five areas:


Monday- Agility: changing direction quickly. What pathway could you move in?


Tuesday- Aiming: think about what your target could be, what type of throw to use? 


Wednesday- Strength: this could be for any part of the body legs, arms, torso.


Thursday- Jumping: how far/high? What type of jump?


Friday- Competition game: create a game where you have to play against someone in your household.              How are you going to score the points?



Look back at previous weeks to help you with your ideas. If you are finding it hard you could alter one of our challenges e.g. change the way you move, number of jumps to create your own idea.


It would be lovely to see some videos of your ideas, could you be the next Mr Hart/Miss Smith?

Brettenham Primary School are proud to announce that former pupil Mukhtar Ali will be competing in the next Olympic Games in Tokyo. Please read more about our former pupils and their achievements in the Parents section...................................................................