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Physical Activity

Currently, we are encouraging children to be more physically active at home, setting them home challenges advertised at school. Please see some ideas below:



Silly Socks Skills

Don't have a ball at home? Struggling to find sports equipment in the house? Do not worry as we have some challenges that only require socks and some household items.




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How quickly can you react to numbers being called out? Count how many times you touch the numbers in a minute.
Can you beat your score?
To make it more challenging add another two numbers, call out a number calculation to get to the answer or say a sequence of numbers to remember.


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Get someone in your household to write out ten clues to objects in your home. e.g. you use it to brush your teeth.
How fast can you find all of them and return them back to an area?
Can you write some clues for your adult and time them?


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Using your cuddly toys can you jump over them using different jumps e.g. two feet, hopping, leaping?
How many times can you complete it in a minute?


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Using your aiming skills can you knock over objects with a pair of socks?
You could find different sized objects which could be worth different points e.g. a larger book 1 point, a smaller book 2 points.
Can you move the objects further away to challenge yourself? Have a competition with someone in your household.
If any member of your household is getting a coronavirus test, please do not send your children into school until you know the results of these tests............................. All dinner monies for years 3-6 must be paid in advance on Parent Pay, dinner money is £11:50 per week per child....................From Tuesday 5th January only Key worker and Vulnerable pupils will be expected to attend school, all other pupils will be learning from home, please take a look at your child's class page for information on how to access the set work, please email the teacher if you have any issues with access...........................