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Our Curriculum

Children First Academy Trust Curriculum Intent


Our Curriculum IS our children’s Opportunity:

We are intentional about having a curriculum that is relevant to the needs of our children, enabling learning and experiences beyond their sphere of knowledge whilst ensuring real life connections. Our aim is to equip them for life and the workplace in the 21st century. To do this we have the highest expectations, we challenge and stretch children in their thinking and learning and make no excuses for low outcomes.


There is a focus on basic skills and early intervention:

To give children with low starting points the right to ‘level the playing field’. Our focus is on language development in all its forms since this is key to unlocking the full range of opportunities open to our children. We target support at the point of need and in particular at the youngest children where we know it makes the most difference.


We build on and grow children’s knowledge so that they want to know more and understand how to learn more:

Through high quality, engaging teaching which closes gaps in their knowledge and opens up new knowledge and ideas to them. Progression in learning is embedded throughout the curriculum. We are intentional in providing first hand experiences wherever possible to increase knowledge, build memory, develop confidence and deepen their cultural capital.


We provide opportunities to develop the children’s resilience and ambition:

The children understand and value where they have come from (our cultural history), they recognise where they are now (celebrating our uniqueness and our diversity) and they are aware of what we can become (knowing what is possible, seeing beyond the limits put on us and identifying strong role models)


As a community, we value ourselves and others:

Children are taught to value themselves as individuals as well as seeing themselves as part of a wider community both locally and globally which they share responsibility for. They are taught the value of kindness to themselves, to those around them and to people whom they do not know.



Breakfast Club is 8:15 - 8:45 am , The cost is £1.50 per day . please pay on Parent Pay in advance , School dinners need to be paid for in advance on Parent Pay .....................