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We have been so proud of all of our children have been Reading and Writing at home! For a lot of our children this has been through Purple Mash. They have created some outstanding pieces of writing! This has ranged from story writing, instruction writing and even travel leaflets!  This is just a few of them:



At Brettenham we use Jolly Phonics and the Letters and sounds programme to introduce early reading skills to our children. This starts in Nursery with short group sessions to help children identify sounds in their environment through play. The will also begin to break words up verbally to hear how words can be segmented. 


This progresses in Reception as the children learn the sound each letter makes. When they are ready they learn 'digraphs'- two letters making one sound. They learn songs and actions to help them to use and apply their knowledge when reading; this really helps attention and recall. The also learn 'tricky' words which can only be read by sight. When writing children will heavily rely on their phonic knowledge to encode words; this will become a mixture of phonically plausible words and correct spellings over time.  


In Year 1 children recap on their learning and begin to learn alternative sounds for the digraphs they already know and learn more 'tricky' words and high frequency words. The children use the knowledge learnt so far to read appropriate texts, by segmenting the sounds and blending them to read each word.


In Year 2 children to learn prefixes and suffixes that can be added to the root words they already know. This increases and deepens their knowledge of reading and spelling rules. When writing they will use an increasing amount of words and be able to spell most correctly but may rely on 'sounding out' on occasion. 


Our Phonics Home Learning 

Jolly Phonics- Phase 3 Digraphs

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Phonics Bloom

This is a fantastic website for your child to practise their phonic skills at home:

Talk for Writing 

At Brettenham we know that at the heart of reading, writing and storytelling first comes speaking. We use the Talk for Writing model to encourage our children to learn and retell stories using actions and ambitious language. We believe that if a child can retell a story well, they will develop into a fantastic story writer! This journey begins in EYFS when the children learn and retell traditional stories using actions for retention. We use story maps, sentence prompts and modelled writing to help show good sentence structure. As this develops, children write these well known stories for themselves, by adjusting the narrative and characters to create their own stories! This is such an enjoyable way to learn and the children thoroughly enjoy it!

The Little Red Hen

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Our Story Maps!

Talk for Writing at Home

Practice some of the Talk for Writing skills at home:

World Book Day

This year for World Book Day we celebrated by dressing up as characters from our favourite books. A child from each class was awarded a book prize for the best effort! We also decorated our classroom doors to reflect our Class Book! Here are a few: 

Early Morning Reading


Our KS2 children have enjoyed using their Early Morning Work time to do some reading for pleasure. This has meant they are able to get some quiet reading time before their lessons start; which helps to focus them for the day ahead. This also gives them time to read to their teacher from a book of their choosing. This is a great way for our children to have a discussion about their next steps and future book choices. Our KS1 children have also enjoyed early morning reading as this means they can come to school a bit early and choose a story to read from their classroom. This has been very successful as they are asked to bring a parent, with them which they have loved doing! This has proved to be a very valuable time in the day for parents to share a story with their child, and speak to the teacher about ways they can support their child's reading at home. 

Fun Family Phonics!


Our Reception Parents have enjoyed coming to our after school Phonic Sessions! We invite a few families at a time so we can spend quality time with each child and parent. We get together to show the what we have been learning in our Phonics sessions that week. It has been a pleasure to spend time discussing how each child is getting on, and to suggest ideas that can help at home!

Oxford Owl

Please visit this website at home and access hundreds of books and activities!

Daily Supported Reading (DSR) 


The Daily Supported Reading Programme is a scheme that helps to move all children on in their reading. Within Brettenham, DSR is delivered to Year 1 and some reception pupils in the summer term. It helps children make accelerated progress by working with trained adults in small and manageable groups matched to their independent reading levels. This approach is also used as an intervention in year 2 and has a proven track record of success in raising school reading standards as Key Stage 1.


At Brettenham Primary School, we run the Daily Supported Reading programme (DSR) four times a week (excluding Thursday). Regular assessments ensure that there is fluid movement between each group so that children are fully supported and, stretched and challenged to achieve their full potential. This is on top of children taking leveled books home as part of our School Bag approach.


The Benefits of DSR approach to Reading in Year 1


Small Groups          Engaging Texts                 Levelled Reading          Comprehension           Sentence Structures

Please go to our News, Information page regarding Coronavirus Advice for our is now re-open for Year 1 and Reception classes, school will re-open for year 6 children from Monday 15th June. School remains closed for Years 2,3,4,5 and Nursery children until further notice.........................................please visit your child's class page for home work, the class email address is on each class page if you would like to contact the teacher regarding school work........