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Daily Supported Reading (DSR) at Brettenham Primary School


The Daily Supported Reading Programme is a classroom programme that helps to move all children on in their reading. Within Brettenham, DSR is delivered solely to Year 1. It helps children make accelerated progress by working with trained adults in small and manageable groups matched to their independent reading levels. This method has a proven track record of success in raising school reading standards as Key Stage 1.

At Brettenham Primary School, we run the Daily Supported Reading programme (DSR) four times a week (excluding Friday). Regular assessments ensure that there is fluid movement between each group so that children are fully supported and, stretched and challenged to achieve their full potential. This is on top of children taking leveled books home as part of our School Bag approach.


The History of DSR at Brettenham


Daily Supported Reading (DSR) was introduced to our school in November 2013. Since its introduction, we have seen marked improvements not only within in our school data but also our National Data with increases in children reading at a secure level and attainment of our Phonics screening.


The Benefits of DSR approach to Reading in Year 1


Small Groups          Engaging Texts                 Levelled Reading          Comprehension           Sentence Structures

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