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Homework Expectations 

Homework will be set weekly - parents should look at the Class Website for literacy, maths and phonics homework.


Homework can be uploaded to Tapestry (as a video or photograph), if you would like to share it with your child's teacher. Please let me know if you do not have access to Tapestry!


Reading - All KS1 students are expected to read for at least 10 minutes every night. Reading records should be monitored and signed at home regularly. 


Half Term Homework

Numeracy Homework

We have been learning about the properties of 2D shapes, and after half term we will be looking at patterns and sequences.


Here are some games you can play at home, to reinforce your understanding of shapes, and practise completing patterns and sequences:





Caterpillar ordering


Ladybird Spots


Phonics Homework

We have been revising all our Phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs, and using them to write words and sentences that other people can read. 


We have also been practising the tricky words 

he   she   we   me   be   was   you   they   all   are   my   her


If you are in Miss Shilcock or Ms Morgan's phonics groups, watch the three phonics lessons below, to practise your blending and segmenting skills.

Lesson 1 - ai ee igh

Lesson 2 - oa ar oo

Lesson 3 - or ur oo

If you are in Miss Ricky's phonics group, have a go at the lessons below. Practise blending and segmenting with your Phase 2 sounds!

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Literacy Homework

Practise using your sounds to write independently


Choose one of the pictures below, and write some sentences about it. You could start with the words I can see... (for a statement) or with who, what, where, why or how...(for a question)!






Week ending 16/10/2020

Phonics Homework

We have been revising the Phase 3 sounds 'ow' 'ear' 'air' and 'er'.

Choose a picture and write a sentence about it. Remember to use your special friends!

ow   ear   air   er


dinn__ with a cl__n    a burg__ on a ch___





Literacy Homework

In Literacy we have been learning to retell part of a story, using actions. Practise this part of the story at home, using our story map!


If you can do that easily, have a go at thinking up some actions for the next part of our story - we will be learning this part next week!


Numeracy Homework

In numeracy this week, we have been looking at halving and doubling numbers. For this weeks homework, complete the halving and doubling table. There are 3 tables to choose from (table 1 being the easiest and table 3 being the hardest). Choose which table to complete. Feel free to use counters, drawings or similar objects to help if needed 

Week ending 9/10/2020

Phonics Homework

We have been revising the Phase 3 sounds 'ar' 'or' 'ur' and 'oi'. 

Choose a picture and write a sentence about it. Remember to use your special friends!

ar  or  ur  oi


 a sh__k on a c__       c__ns in the s__l



Literacy Homework

We are looking at the book Beegu by Alexis Deacon. Talk to your child about this picture of Beegu. How is she feeling?

Why is she feeling that?

What happened before this picture?

What is going to happen next?


Numeracy Homework

Next week we are going to be learning how to halve and double numbers. Can you use this video to practise counting in 2s, and blast off into space? 






Week ending 2/10/2020

Phonics Homework

We have been revising the Phase 3 sounds 'ee' 'oa' 'oo' and 'igh'. Read the story below - how many of our 'special friends' can you spot? 


Phonics Story

I go on a big boat. I see the moon. The moon is high and bright. I float in a green pool. Me and my goat look at a book in the pool. It is a good book!

Literacy Homework

Next week we will be focusing on writing and asking questions. Look at this picture with your child. How many questions can they ask about it? 

Try to use the questions words:

What? Who? How? When? Why? 


Numeracy homework

This week in numeracy we have been looking at '2 more and 2 less' using number lines, numicon and unifix cubes. For this weeks homework, your child has the choice of an addition to 10 or 20 (or both) worksheet. 

addition to 10






Week ending 25/9/2020

Phonics Homework:

Practise reading and recognising these Phase 3 tricky words with your child. They cannot be decoded using phonics alone - they just need to be practised and remembered!

he   she   we   me   be   was   you   they   all   are   my   her


Literacy Homework:

Watch this video of Michael Rosen reading 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' with your child. Now, ask them to retell the story to you. Can they remember what came first - the thick oozy mud, the deep cold river or the long wavy grass? 


Can you go for a bear hunt in your house, or garden, or in the park?


This week in numeracy, we have been looking at '1 more and 1 less'.

For this weeks homework, they will be practicing this by playing a game. Take it in turns with your child rolling a dice. Ask them to tell you which number is shown on the dice and write it down if they can. Ask your child to tell you which number comes before (1 less than) and after (1 more than) the number they have rolled on the dice. 

There is a template attached for your child to record their answers. 

Please do use the attached number line as a visual aid for your child

1 more 1 less dice game

Number line

School is closed for INSET Monday 2nd November , we re-open for children Tuesday 3rd November ...................There is no breakfast Club or after school clubs running this term, if this changes we will inform you in advance............................. All dinner monies for years 3-6 must be paid in advance on Parent Pay, dinner money is £11:50 per week per child....................