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Green Class - Year One

Welcome to Green Class, Year 1!
Your class teacher is Mr Joaquin. 

Home learning at home only


Hello Green Class children at home.


If you are working at home you can still go on Purple Mash for work to do.


You can listen to the story

"Ahh!" said the stork


Think about the story.

Where did the story take place?

What were the animals trying to do?

What would you do to open the egg?

Hello Green class,

I hope that you will have a wonderful half-term holiday with your families. I will not be setting any work on our website or PurpleMash. I will instead ask that you all enjoy time with your games, smile and laugh together. Please take a look at this website. You may find some fun and interesting activities to try this half-term.


Stay safe and well, with kind regards,


Mr. Joaquin



Week 8 - 18.5.20

Hello Green Class,

I hope you are all well. This week's topic, 'Art and Geography'. I hope you enjoy it!

The Next Beethoven?

Still image for this video
Jaan from Green class showing his superb skills on piano during our school closure.

School Closure Video

Dear parents/carers, 


We are asking year 1 children to send us in short video clips (15-30 seconds) or pictures of what they are doing at home - some suggestions might be:

Having breakfast together

Doing exercise

Online lessons

Home schooling with parents

Doing craft activities 

Reading to a parent

Watching a teacher's video at home


You can also talk to the camera and send messages such as; thankyou message to teachers or telling us how they're missing their friends. 


Please send to


Thank you,

Mr. Joaquin


Week 7 11.5.20

Rainbow number bonds to 10 and 20

We are looking at having a different topic each week that families can work on together during the week. This week our topic will be: UK GEOGRAPHY

Hello parents, there is a new phonics lesson that might be useful for your children.

Beginning from Monday, year 1 phonics lessons will take place on this website at 10:30 am.

Please supervise and direct your child to this link.



Mr Joaquin

On No George read by Mrs Stephenson

Still image for this video
George finds it hard to behave. Can you help him?

Shoebox Garden

Easter Holiday Homework!


Hope you were able to listen to the story How to grow a Dinosaur!

Why not try and design a shoe box garden?

How to Grow a Dinosaur

Still image for this video
Mrs Stephenson reading How to grow a Dinosaur hope you enjoy it! Gardening can be fun , why don't you have a go!

Week 2

Week 1

Home learning

Hello Green Class, 


During our school closure, homework will be set and completed at home.

A timetable of the work will be uploaded giving you the task to complete for each day.

Click on the link to view the homework.

Work will also be on Purple Mash as a 2do, for you to complete.

If you have forgotten your Purple Mash login or have any issues regarding the homework

please email me on:


Thank you,

Mr. Joaquin

To access Oxford reading books, click on my class login.

Username: bps1

Password: green


Supertato! 1
Supertato! 2
Supertato! 3
Supertato! 4
Supertato! 5
Supertato! 6
Supertato! 7
Supertato! 8
Supertato! 9
Supertato! 10
Supertato! 11
Supertato! 12

World Book Day!

World Book Day! 1
World Book Day! 2
World Book Day! 3
World Book Day! 4
World Book Day! 5
World Book Day! 6

Art Week

Art Week 1
Art Week 2
Art Week 3
Art Week 4
Art Week 5
Art Week 6
Art Week 7
Art Week 8
Art Week 9
Art Week 10
Art Week 11
Art Week 12
Art Week 13
Art Week 14

Snowflake Watercolour Art

Snowflake Watercolour Art 1
Snowflake Watercolour Art 2
Snowflake Watercolour Art 3
Snowflake Watercolour Art 4
Snowflake Watercolour Art 5
Snowflake Watercolour Art 6
Snowflake Watercolour Art 7
Snowflake Watercolour Art 8
Snowflake Watercolour Art 9
Snowflake Watercolour Art 10
Snowflake Watercolour Art 11
Snowflake Watercolour Art 12
Snowflake Watercolour Art 13
Snowflake Watercolour Art 14
Snowflake Watercolour Art 15
Snowflake Watercolour Art 16
Snowflake Watercolour Art 17
Snowflake Watercolour Art 18
Snowflake Watercolour Art 19

Making Thrones

Making Thrones 1
Making Thrones 2
Making Thrones 3
Making Thrones 4
Making Thrones 5
Making Thrones 6
Making Thrones 7
Making Thrones 8
Making Thrones 9
Making Thrones 10
Making Thrones 11
Making Thrones 12
Making Thrones 13

Testing Waterproof Materials

Testing Waterproof Materials 1
Testing Waterproof Materials 2
Testing Waterproof Materials 3
Testing Waterproof Materials 4
Testing Waterproof Materials 5
Testing Waterproof Materials 6
Testing Waterproof Materials 7
Testing Waterproof Materials 8

Instructions - Making Jam Sandwiches

Mother Goose Pantomime

Mother Goose Pantomime 1
Mother Goose Pantomime 2
Mother Goose Pantomime 3
Mother Goose Pantomime 4
Mother Goose Pantomime 5
Mother Goose Pantomime 6
Mother Goose Pantomime 7
Mother Goose Pantomime 8
Mother Goose Pantomime 9
Mother Goose Pantomime 10
Mother Goose Pantomime 11
Mother Goose Pantomime 12
Mother Goose Pantomime 13

Books to Beats Workshop

Books to Beats Workshop 1
Books to Beats Workshop 2
Books to Beats Workshop 3

Kings and Queens - Crowns

kings and Queens - Castles

Shark in the Park

Shark in the Park 1
Shark in the Park 2
Shark in the Park 3
Shark in the Park 4
Shark in the Park 5
Shark in the Park 6
Shark in the Park 7
Shark in the Park 8

Memory Boxes

Memory Boxes 1
Memory Boxes 2
Memory Boxes 3
Memory Boxes 4
Memory Boxes 5
Memory Boxes 6
Memory Boxes 7
Memory Boxes 8
Memory Boxes 9
Memory Boxes 10
Memory Boxes 11

A Great Start in Year 1!

A Great Start in Year 1! 1
A Great Start in Year 1! 2
A Great Start in Year 1! 3
A Great Start in Year 1! 4
A Great Start in Year 1! 5
A Great Start in Year 1! 6
A Great Start in Year 1! 7
A Great Start in Year 1! 8
A Great Start in Year 1! 9
A Great Start in Year 1! 10
A Great Start in Year 1! 11
A Great Start in Year 1! 12
A Great Start in Year 1! 13
A Great Start in Year 1! 14
A Great Start in Year 1! 15
A Great Start in Year 1! 16
A Great Start in Year 1! 17
A Great Start in Year 1! 18

A Parent’s Guide to Supporting Children’s Spelling

Please go to our News, Information page regarding Coronavirus Advice for our is closed until further notice.................please visit your child's class page for home work, the class email address is on each class page if you would like to contact the teacher regarding school work........