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Art - Children at school sketched lovely portraits of Queen Mary I

Science - Forces - Children at school learnt about forces and made parachutes which they tested outside.

Science Home learning

Our topic this Spring Term is Forces!


We have been exploring air resistance and came up with a range of questions, here are just a few:


1.What does air resistance mean?

2.What does air resistance do? 

3.How does air resistance work? 

4.Is air resistance good for your health?


We made parachutes to explore air resistance and gravity. We made sure to keep our investigation fair and changed one factor between two parachutes. Most of us kept one factor different and that was the size of the parachute. 


Here are a few brilliant home-made parachutes using recycled materials!

Topic Home learning

Our topic is Changing Power of Monarchs


For art, design and technology we have made sketches of Tudor Houses that we plan to make using recycled materials. Have a look at these spectacular sketches that have been completed by children in 5S.

If any member of your household is getting a coronavirus test, please do not send your children into school until you know the results of these tests............................. All dinner monies for years 3-6 must be paid in advance on Parent Pay, dinner money is £11:50 per week per child...........................................