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Class 6L - Year 6

Welcome to 6L!

Your teacher is Miss O'Neill! 

School Journey 

The Year 6 children have just returned from their residential trip to the North Yorkshire Moors.


Here are some of the fantastic activities we took part in:


  • Gliding along two zip lines, the low and the high, which offer great progression in challenge. Flying through the forest at speed is an experience the children never forget. Every member of the team offers support and encouragement, enabling each other to reach new heights and take the leap!

  • A tour of the beautiful town of Whitby where Bram Stoker found some of his inspiration for Dracula. The children will study the story of Dracula later on in the year.

  • Celebrating Halloween and Bonfire Night. 6L and 6S each created their own 'guy' for the bonfire.

  • A night walk in which children had to rely on senses other than sight to guide them.

  • Abseiling from a disused railway bridge - a great personal challenge which gets the heart rate going! 

  • Canoeing in the river Esk (the children's favourite)

  • The Night Line - an opportunity for the children to use communication skills and trust. The night line involves following a rope through a series of obstacles while blindfolded. This activity heightens the other senses and puts emphasis on trusting each other and communication. 



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Dinner monies of £11.50 per week must be paid for in advance along with breakfast club on Parent Pay.................... We would ask that you give your child a healthy packed lunch, which does not contain any nuts.