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Class 5L - Year 5

Classes for September 2020


In September, your new class will be 6S.


Please see their class website page from the morning of Monday 13th July and watch the video to find out who your new teacher will be.

New teacher in September...

Still image for this video

Welcome to 5L!
Your class teacher is Miss Gani


Advice during school closure

Sports Day! 

On Wednesday 8th July we are going to hold a mini sports day with the children during their PE session in school and we would like YOU at home to join in with us!


The activities are as follows:


  • Standing long Jump – no run up:

You must jump from 2 feet to 2 feet – measure from take off point to your heel where you land.


  • Speed bounce over cones or a line:

How many times can you jump keeping your feet together sideways over a barrier in 20 seconds?


  • Target Throw 

Lay out/make 3 hoops (approx 3m,5m,7m away from you) and attempt to throw one bean bag (or something similar e.g. socks) into each.

  • Score 2 points every time the bean bag lands in the correct hoop
  • Score 1 point if it partially goes in or slides in having touched the floor first (2 minutes)


  • Chest Push

Throw a 4 ball as far as possible using only a chest push motion. No turning or twisting body – 2 hands on the ball – must come from chest.


  • Shuttle run

10 x 10 metres – how quickly can you complete this? (measured in seconds)



Please be creative if you do not have exactly the correct equipment e.g. draw chalk circles instead of hoops, use a pair of socks instead of a beanbag, etc.


Let us know how you get on by sending us your results via Purple Mash or email ( You could even send us a video of yourself completing these activities!

Home learning timetable 06.07.20 - 10.07.20

Home learning timetable 29.06.20 - 03.07.20

Home learning timetable 22.06.20 - 26.06.20

Home learning timetable 15.06.20 - 19.06.20

Here are some more children's brilliant advice and Nawal's fantastic letter to NASA 

Home learning timetable 08.06.20 - 12.06.20

Well done to the following children for giving such great advice for dealing with moving up a year group! 

Luna (Miss Gani's cat) as an astronaut by Jubaida! Our STAR of the Week!

Home learning timetable 01.06.20 - 05.06.20

A MASSIVE shout out to the whole of 5L! Here are some of the most inspirational end of year reports! 

Hamza's brilliant space rocket! Well done!


Next week will be half term so...PROJECT TIME! We will be moving onto our last topic SPACE!!! 


I would like you all to create something space related it could be: 

A solar system model

A piece of space art 

A rocket 

A planet 

Anything else that you would like! 


The best ones will as always get to be uploaded on the school web page!

Looking forward to you projects! yes

Amazing Work Check! 

This week it goes to someone who blew me away by taking their work to infinity and beyond! 

Well done Rosie for your brilliant space web page! laugh

Keep up the brilliant work! yes

Mental Health Awareness Posters! 

Below are some fantastic posters made by the children of year 5!

Well done to Harlee, Nawal, Hamza, Malik and Sergio

Home learning timetable 18.05.20 - 22.05.20

It's Mental Health Awareness Week so please check out the PSHE tasks this week!

Remember to check the blog for examples of excellent work! There will be a Book Review blog post challenge this week


Useful link for SEND/EAL support


Amazing work check! 

Below are some fantastic pieces of work completed by pupils in 5L! 

Well done to Hamza, Nawal, Sergio, Harlee and Jubaida! I was blown away by the effort, ideas and the details that have been included in the work you have all produced! (These are also on our 5L blog) 

Keep up the brilliant work! yeslaugh

These are animations created to check them out please look at the 5L blog

Home learning timetable 11.05.20 - 15.05.20

PSSST!! Always check the 5L Blog to see if you get a shoutout for your brilliant work! laugh

Home learning timetable 04.05.20 to 08.05.20

Here are some BRILLIANT All About Me's some children in 5L have made! 

Home learning timetable 27.04.20 - 01.05.20

Home learning timetable - 20.04.20 - 24.04.20

Please find below the home learning timetable for this week.

If there are any queries/issues please do not hesitate to contact Miss Gani via Purple Mash (2email) or using the email address

Please note that some challenges are being set via the year 5 blog and via email within Purple Mash. 


If you would like extra tasks and activities here is a link to the new Government online classroom  - Oak National Academy 


I hope you are all staying safe! 


Miss Gani 

Spanish work

Spanish 21.04.20

Using the attachment below, test your knowledge of Spanish numbers on pen and paper! Good luck! 

Spanish 28.04.20

Using the attachment below, there are answers for the Spanish numbers from last week too! There is also a link to the Oak National Academy online classroom! Good luck! 

Spanish 12.05.20 

Months in the year and days of the week 

Spanish 02.06.20 

Spanish 16.06.20

Spanish 06.07.20



Your task over the next two weeks is to create your very own viking long boat! You can make it as large or small as you like! 

Make sure you take pictures of you creating your masterpieces! 

The best entries will be displayed on the class page! 

Good luck!




Entry 1: Azra's detailed and very impressive Viking longboat. She has stated that it took 3 long and arduos hours to make this masterpiece! 

Well done! laugh 

Home Learning

All home learning will be completed on Purple Mash (link above)

Teachers will be able to check and give feedback to pupils about their work. Teachers will also be able to communicate with pupils on the programme 2email on Purple Mash. 

For Parents please contact me using the email 


Parents and children must ensure that they check tasks set as 2dos daily, to make sure that learning is continued at home.

The 2do tasks will be set according to the structure of the Year 5 school timetable. 


Thank you for your cooperation in this difficult time.

Last Updated 05/04/2020


The Year 5 Spring home learning timetable is as follows:

Reading books should be read daily for 20 minutes

Book reviews need to be done weekly 

Mondays - Literacy, Numeracy, Creative Curriculum (includes geography, history and art) and SMSC 

Tuesdays - Literacy, Numeracy, P.E (links below) and ICT 

Wednesdays - Literacy, Numeracy and Science 

Thursdays - Literacy, Numeracy, Spanish & Music (links below) and SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar)

Fridays - Literacy, Numeracy, P.E and free game activity  


*** All Numeracy starters will be a task your child chooses to complete on topmarks ***


P.E links for your child to try on P.E days: 

Recommended 2 activities per week 






Sport England – stay active at home


Go Noodle


BBC Supermovers


You tube – Cosmic Yoga


Joe Wicks and Alfie – 8 minute workouts ( once on this page there are a lot more exercises with other children involved)


Joe Wicks 5 minute exercises on You Tube


NHS – 10 minute shake ups


Joe Wicks – kids work out


NHS 10 minute cardio workout

Music links to explore: 

BBC Bitesize Music - 


Topmarks - 

        Spanish for Year 5!

Keep practising your Spanish with the help of the online language games at Digital Dialects! The activities all have sound files, so you will be able to perfect your Spanish pronunciation!

Start off with these activities to begin with:

Numbers 1-12

Phrases 1


Spelling games – Colours

(‘púrpura’ is another word for ‘morado’)

Numbers 13-20

Days and months

Fruit and Veg


Numbers 1-100

Later on you might like to learn more Spanish and try out:


(Some are pets that you will know)

Spelling games – Animals

(You need to copy the following words in Spanish from ‘Animals’ onto paper in order to help you with the spelling game: snake, cat, elephant, monkey, pig, sheep, dolphin, rabbit, cow, duck, lion, frog, butterfly, mouse, goat, dog and horse)

Numbers and colours and nouns 1



Our Featured Author for this term is...

Philip Pullman 


Our Topic for this term is the               Terrible Tudors!
The Tudors were a terrible lot, known for their scheming, plotting, treason, and war! Their gory history is one that fascinates many and has shaped British history greatly. This term we will look at and explore many key figures as well as important and life changing events. 
The Tudor Rose

The Tudor rose was the turning point in the creation of the Tudor House. The white rose symbolised the House of York, whilst the red rose symbolised the House of Lancaster (Henry Tudor's house). Together, through the marriage of Elizabeth of York, the Tudor house and rose were created. Have a look at our brilliant work! They were soo amazing we put them up on display!

Plague Masks 

We moved onto looking at the terrible plague that swept across the continent of Europe. We explored the causes and how they would have dealt with it! We learnt about Ulric the plague doctor and created menacing plague masks. 

Hampton Court Palace 

To kick start our Tudor topic, we were fortunate enough to wonder the same grounds as some of the Tudor figures we have encountered! Take a look at how much we explored Hampton Court Palace! 


To kick start our science, 5L have been helping poor Edith, a servant, clean up the horrid liquids left behind by Henry VIII. We looked at absorbency and carried out an experiment. Here are a few examples!

Tudor Poo

During the Tudor era, the differences between the rich and poor were stark! Wealthy people back then could afford to buy and consume luxury items such as meat, fruits and spices. Meanwhile, the poor were forced to survive on basic vegetables, porridge and bread. As a result, the wealthiest individuals would have *certain items* in their poo! Our task as excavators was to look at these differences...we were in for a nasty surprise! 

The Tower of London

5L were sent to the Tower! Not for treasonous crimes however, instead we explored the various parts of the dreaded Tower that linked to the demise of Anne Boleyn. Find out if these images send a chill up your spine...


5L created Tudor tarts for Harvest this year and decorated them as the Tudor Rose! Don't they look amazing?


The Thames was a dumping ground for various materials back in the Tudor era! We tried to think of ways that we could turn muddy water into clean water, one of which was filtering. Here are some pictures from our experiment...

Reversible and Irreversible Changes 

Anne, our resident maid, is about to be punished for accidentally mixing salt into Henry VIII's tea. We figured we'd help her separate the solution and identify if it is a reversible or irreversible change. We also carried out another experiment to test the same thing. Here are a few images of our scientists hard at work! 

A Parent’s Guide to Supporting Children’s Spelling

Blank Handwriting Practice

Breakfast Club is 8:15 - 8:45 am , The cost is £1.50 per day . please pay on Parent Pay in advance , School dinners need to be paid for in advance on Parent Pay .....................