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Class 5L - Year 5

Welcome to 5L!
Your class teacher is Miss Gani


Our Featured Author for this term is...

Philip Pullman 


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Our Topic for this term is the               Terrible Tudors!
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The Tudors were a terrible lot, known for their scheming, plotting, treason, and war! Their gory history is one that fascinates many and has shaped British history greatly. This term we will look at and explore many key figures as well as important and life changing events. 
The Tudor Rose

The Tudor rose was the turning point in the creation of the Tudor House. The white rose symbolised the House of York, whilst the red rose symbolised the House of Lancaster (Henry Tudor's house). Together, through the marriage of Elizabeth of York, the Tudor house and rose were created. Have a look at our brilliant work! They were soo amazing we put them up on display!

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Plague Masks 

We moved onto looking at the terrible plague that swept across the continent of Europe. We explored the causes and how they would have dealt with it! We learnt about Ulric the plague doctor and created menacing plague masks. 
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Hampton Court Palace 

To kick start our Tudor topic, we were fortunate enough to wonder the same grounds as some of the Tudor figures we have encountered! Take a look at how much we explored Hampton Court Palace! 
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To kick start our science, 5L have been helping poor Edith, a servant, clean up the horrid liquids left behind by Henry VIII. We looked at absorbency and carried out an experiment. Here are a few examples!

Tudor Poo

During the Tudor era, the differences between the rich and poor were stark! Wealthy people back then could afford to buy and consume luxury items such as meat, fruits and spices. Meanwhile, the poor were forced to survive on basic vegetables, porridge and bread. As a result, the wealthiest individuals would have *certain items* in their poo! Our task as excavators was to look at these differences...we were in for a nasty surprise! 

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The Tower of London

5L were sent to the Tower! Not for treasonous crimes however, instead we explored the various parts of the dreaded Tower that linked to the demise of Anne Boleyn. Find out if these images send a chill up your spine...
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5L created Tudor tarts for Harvest this year and decorated them as the Tudor Rose! Don't they look amazing?
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The Thames was a dumping ground for various materials back in the Tudor era! We tried to think of ways that we could turn muddy water into clean water, one of which was filtering. Here are some pictures from our experiment...

Reversible and Irreversible Changes 

Anne, our resident maid, is about to be punished for accidentally mixing salt into Henry VIII's tea. We figured we'd help her separate the solution and identify if it is a reversible or irreversible change. We also carried out another experiment to test the same thing. Here are a few images of our scientists hard at work! 

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Blank Handwriting Practice

Dinner monies of £11.50 per week must be paid for in advance along with breakfast club on Parent Pay.................... We would ask that you give your child a healthy packed lunch, which does not contain any nuts.