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Blue Class - Year Two

Classes for September 2020


In September, your new class will be 3L.


Please see their class website page from the morning of Monday 13th July and watch the video to find out who your new teacher will be.

Message for the new Blue Class from your new teacher Miss Ahuja

Still image for this video
If you are going to be in Blue Class in September then this message is for you!

Welcome to Blue Class, Year 2!

Your class teachers are Mrs Sandhu and Miss Doyle 

Weekly Timetable Starting 22nd June

Blue class

Giraffes can dance

Star of the Week.............Ahmed!!! Well done Ahmed. Miss Rio has seen a massive improvement in your online purple mash work! Keep it up!

Weekly Timetable for Week commencing 8th June

Weekly timetable for the week commencing Monday 1st June

Star of the week..... Zara and Robin!!! I really struggled to choose between you two so i chose you both! You always do your Purple Mash work and I've seen some really good 2quiz scores this week. Keep it up!!

Hector and the Big Bad Knight

When Hector's granny has her magic wand stolen by the Big Bad Knight Hector the tiniest boy in the village decides to go after him. And when the Big Bad Knight sends a dragon after Hector , our hero knows just what to do- with a little help from a bag of crisps

We would like to wish everybody in Blue Class a really lovely half term break. Although no work will be set this week, we are encouraging daily reading to take place. Thank you to all the children and parents who have worked hard this half term. We hope you enjoy the sunshine and stay safesmiley

Mental Health Awareness Week!

This year we are focusing on Kindness. We are extremely kind to each other in Blue Class and we will be celebrating this throughout the week. Please see some activities below that you can do to put a smile on somebody's face

1) Choose a friend in the class and write them an email on 2Email explaining why you like them and what is special about them 

2) Try and compliment somebody in your house at least once a daysmiley

3) Write a kindness poem on PurpleMash

4) Read books about kindness. Try listening to 'The kindness quilt' and 'Have you filled a bucket today?' on youtube. 

5) Do something everyday that will make somebody smile. Maybe you can help with chores at home without being asked or making your parents breakfast in bed

Star of the Week........... Noami!!!! Well Done for writing a superb Alien Adventure Story!! Keep up the good work smiley

Timetable for week commencing Monday 18th May

Star of the week.......... Cayleigh!!! Well done for being much more active on purple mash this week!! I've been really impressed with some of the stories you wrote!! Keep up the good work 

Weekly Timetable for week commencing on Monday 11th May

Link helpful for children with SEND/ ASD

Geography family project that you can all do together!

The Tunnel by Anthony Browne read by Miss Rio! Enjoy!!

Once upon a time there were a sister and a brother that were not at all alike. They fought and argued all the time. Then one more they discovered the tunnel and everything changed .......

Listen to a story from our featured author for last term Anthony Brown. 'Willy and Hugh' read by Miss Rio. Enjoy!

Feeling lonely and friendless, Willy takes a walk in the park, where he--literally--runs into a much bigger ape, fittingly named Hugh Jape. Following their mutual apologies, the two become best pals. They visit the zoo (where they view humans in cages) and the library; Hugh frightens away a bully who threatens Willy, and Willy saves Hugh from a spider that terrifies the larger ape.

Star of the week.................. Diana!!! Well done for being very creative with some of the pictures you are drawing on Purple Mash you are a very good Artist!

Hope you all had a great week and are staying safe! This is the timetable for the week beginning Monday 4th May

The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs - Read by Mrs Stephenson

Still image for this video
Alexander T. Wolf was baking a chocolate cake for his granny's birthday, he realizes he is out of sugar and has no more money. He decides to ask his neighbours and the rest is history. Is he innocent or guilty you decide!

Star of the week.......... Ahmed!!  Well done Ahmed for always trying to improve your Purple Mash quiz scores! You always want to do better! Great worksmileyyes

Summer Week 2 timetable- For next weeks tasks you will need to complete work in workbooks. Follow the links provided

Star of the week.......... Hamid!!!!  Hamid we are so impressed with the amount of work you completed over the Easter holidays. Good to see you working hard and putting in 100%. Keep it up

Please use the link below to access some fantastic interactive resources for your child. Digital skills are based on key thinking skills like being able to spot a problem or figure out why something happens. These resources touch on elements of the computing curriculum and highlight the skills children need to become digital citizens Enjoy, have fun and stay safe!smileyyes

If anybody has completed their Science shoebox projects can you please email pictures to the class email address   I would love to see what you have created and post it on our website for all to see smileyyes

We hope you had a fantastic Easter Holidays and are all safe and well. Please look at the weekly timetable to see the tasks for the week. Enjoy and have fun! Summer term week 1 timetable

Star of the week................. Kamaya!!!!!

Well done Kamaya I was very impressed with your home learning on purple mash particularly your Samuel Pepys diary about the Great Fire of London!! Very well deservedsmiley

Star of the week.................. Petros!!!

Well done Petros!! You really have impressed me with the amount of home learning you are doing on Purple Mash. Keep up the good work!!!



Enfield Science Challenge!! Please read the letter and enter the competition...... Prizes are up for grabs!

Hello Everybody,


Hope you have had a good first week adjusting to life at home! This page will be updated weekly with ideas and suggestions on what you can be doing at home. Also if you have found any good websites please feel free to email the class page so I can share your ideas and suggestions with everybody.  


Scholastic have put together a range of free home learning packs. If you go on their website you can download these completely for free!


Please find below an attached link for audible books. Children should be reading every night or at least listening to a story. These are also free at the moment so make the most of it. Hope you have a good second week


Keep safe 


The Blue Class team

Hello Everybody,


Due to school closure, we have created a bank of resources for you and your child to access over the period of time they are at home. 


All home learning will be completed via  Purple Mash- Please use link below to access the Brettenham page. 


Please check the website daily for updated tasks that are set within the '2do' folder. Complete each task in the allocated time. If you are unable to access your account or you would like to ask us a general question please email the class email address at: and we will get back to you as soon as possible


Teachers will be able to check and give feedback to pupils about their work. Children will also be able to communicate with teachers via the programme '2email' within purple mash. 


Purplemash tasks will be updated weekly so please check the website frequently. Please feel free to complete tasks that are not on the '2do' list aswell. 


Aswell as using purplemash please find below useful websites that you can use throughout the period of the school closure: 


1) Hit the Button- Good timestables and number bond practice. Focus on 2x 3x 5x and 10x tables


2) Grand Prix Multiplication- Arcademics. Good Multiplication practice. 


3) Twinkl have a range of free resources that can be accessed if you sign up via your email






6) BBC bitesize- Google BBC bitesize KS1 then click on the subject that is relevant to you 


7) If you have access to a printer have lots of good free SATs papers that can be downloaded and printed


8)  Fantastic Free workbooks available for you to print off 




10) Topmarks have some fantastic interactive games available for children to play on their smart phone or laptop


11) Busy Things




13) (Choose the Year 2 group)


Good websites for Phonics



Great 'keeping active' website links


The NHS website have some great 10 minute workouts for the kids- Type NHS Kids 10 minute workouts into google


Joe Wicks 5 minute workouts- Type this into Youtube


Youtube- Cosmic Yoga 


Thank you for all your co-operation during this unsettling time.

More importantly please keep yourselves safe and well 


All the best 


Blue Class team 



PE lessons are every Monday and Friday.  Your child will need shorts, a polo top and plimsoles or black trainers.


Reading books are changed weekly, every WEDNESDAY.  Can you please ensure your child's book bag is in school every day.


Weekly homework is given out every Friday and returned by the following Wednesday.  

Spellings are sent home every Monday.  Please practice these with your child every day. 

A spelling assessment is done every Friday.  


Thank you for your on-going support!

This term we are learning all about the different continents in our pole to pole Geography topic.

Year 2 visit to Bruce castle museum. We learnt about African textiles and created our own wax prints!

Art week! A dot can be...

Our featured author this term is... Anthony Browne!

In our Plants topic we have been growing our very own runner beans!

This half term we are learning about the Great Fire of London.

Our Featured Author this term is Julia Donaldson.

In Science we have been investigating the properties of materials.  We have worked together to design and make a bridge, made out of only newspaper and sellotape! We will investigate which bridge can hold the most weight.  
We had a wonderful time visiting the Beasts of London Exhibition at the Museum of London and the War, Plague and Fire gallery. Our visit inspired us to write poetry about our favourite beasts.

This half-term we have been learning all about Paddington Bear's adventures in London!

We had an unexpected visitor drop into our classroom over the weekend...

They left a few of their belongings behind.   Can you guess who it might be?

Blue Class have been learning about the properties of materials.  

During Black History week we learned about Mary Seacole. 

Her life and work inspired us to write some poems about kindness.  

A Parent’s Guide to Supporting Children’s Spelling

Breakfast Club is 8:15 - 8:45 am , The cost is £1.50 per day . please pay on Parent Pay in advance , School dinners need to be paid for in advance on Parent Pay .....................