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- Add up to 2 digit and 2 digit numbers


- Ensure knowledge of 2 digit + 1 digit counting on from a given number.


- Adding 3 single digit numbers by counting on and using knowledge of number bonds.


- Having a secure knowledge of number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 (in  multiples of 10)


- Counting on from a given number using knowledge of number bonds where appropriate (2 digit + 1 digit)


- Using a range of manipulatives to show an understanding of 2 digit numbers (including partitioning into tens and ones e.g. 37 = 30 + 7  which is the same as 3 tens and 7 ones


- Using knowledge of place value to add a 2 digit number and tens using manipulatives and building onto mental strategies.


- Using knowledge of partitioning to add 2 digit add 2 digit numbers


There is no breakfast Club or after school clubs running this term, if this changes we will inform you in advance............................. All dinner monies for years 3-6 must be paid in advance on Parent Pay, dinner money is £11:50 per week per child....................