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School Journey 2018

Friday 11am

The children had a go at the activities that their group had not yet tried yesterday, including zip lining, and abseiling.

As we are closing in on November 5th, the evening activity was to design and make a guy in their groups. All groups were inventive and came up with their version of Guy Fawkes before the instructors lit the bonfire for the groups to put their Guy on!

This morning, the children had a go at the low ropes course after tidying their rooms and packing to come home.

The coach arrived in good time and left to head back to London at 10.40am

We will update you via text messages and/or the website with their estimated arrival time at Brettenham.

Thursday 9.30am

The children had another good day yesterday with groups doing some of the activities that they hadn't yet attempted.

Those who went into Whitby found it a lot busier than the previous day with drier weather and Halloween bringing more people out into the town.

Groups starting on the more challenging activities had a go at abseiling yesterday with most of the children managing to overcome any fears and complete the abseil. This positive achievement will stand them in good stead for the rest of the year.

The evening activity was a forest walk using GPS to navigate their way round. Thankfully, no-one got lost and all children were back in time for some cake to celebrate Emanuel's birthday!

The children all slept well again, and many needed to be woken up by staff this morning as they slept so soundly!

Look out for final updates tomorrow

Wednesday 11am

The children split into their groups yesterday and took part in different activities, despite the wet and rainy weather.

Activities included Jacobs Ladder where children really pushed themselves to achieve more, with some coming up with inventive ways to climb!

During Bushcraft the children helped chop wood and learnt how to to make a fire which they then used to cook some Italian bread with rosemary which was grown at Peat Rigg.

Some children took to the canoes and worked as a team to canoe along the river, playing different games as they went.

A visit to Whitby (featured in Dracula) allowed the children to learn some of the history of the area and get a chance to go to the beach where they found at least one crab to look at.

The evening activity was the Nightline with children aiming to follow a roped course while blindfolded - good communication was necessary to get the whole group round and over any obstacles on the way.

After an action packed day, needless to say the children all slept well last night renewing their energy for further activities today.

We will update again tomorrow



Tuesday 9am:

After unpacking yesterday and having a tour of Peat Rigg, the children sorted out their rooms and had a healthy dinner.

The evening's activity was orienteering. The children worked well in groups aiming to find checkpoints around Peat Rigg, improving their map reading skills as they did so.

They were suitably worn out, with some falling asleep immediately and all asleep by 11.30.


The children were all up this morning by 7.30am and ready for breakfast by 8 o'clock.

It's a rainy day, but this won't stop any of the activities planned for today.

We will update again tomorrow. 

Monday 3pm:

The school journey staff and children have all arrived safely.

They are unpacking their cases and getting ready for their adventurous week

School will be finishing on Friday 19th July at 2:00pm for the start of the Summer re-opens on Wednesday 4th September for the Autumn Term