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Curriculum Statement

Creative Curriculum Statement


At Brettenham, our Creative Curriculum is planned around the development of Knowledge, Skills and Understanding.  Our teachers have the freedom to develop more innovative and effective approaches to teaching in order to create a curriculum that is tailored to their class and the children's very specific needs. We ensure a curriculum that nurtures fascination and imagination and promotes an appreciation of human creativity.


Each Creative Curriculum topic starts with a session on ‘what we know’ and ‘what we would like to find out’; giving children further ownership of their curriculum and therefore their own learning.


Focusing on children’s key questions (which are on display in each class), teachers use this session to plan an enjoyable curriculum that builds in experiences that reflect the uniqueness of our school, its children and its locality; as well as utilising the specific strengths of our teachers. 


As a Rights Respecting School, respect is a core value at Brettenham. The use of 'Ultimate Questions' in RE provide our children with opportunities to discuss and reflect ethical issues such as; identity, belonging, meaning, truth and values through different religions. Further opportunities for reflection are provided in SMSC focus assemblies on a Monday as well as our ‘Thought of the Week’ which is visible in all areas of the school.


Trips and external visitors are central to our Creative Curriculum topics and reflections on the impact of these can be seen in our Creative Curriculum ‘Scrap Books’ and our class diaries. 


Please visit the ‘Class Pages’ on our website view our new Curriculum Maps.

In addition to our many sporting clubs, our teachers run a wide variety of clubs to enhance and extend the creativity throughout the school and broaden horizons.