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In 2010 Brettenham engaged in a link partnership with GS Babessi, a school in Cameroon. Our partnership with our Cameroonian counterparts is threefold. Firstly, since our inaugural visit we have raised a substantial amount of money via different fund raising activities to help GS Babessi acquire resources that their school is so badly in need of. Since the visit we have sent an industrial size container, in conjunction with Forty Hill Primary School, to our link school with the aim of resourcing the children so they are able to access a better education. In the main we have sent equipment that we take for granted such as pencils, paper and other such stationary and also some ICT equipment to help encourage them to modernise their school building by acquiring a permanent source of electricity. The new resources have already helped us implement a penpal scheme and we have received several batches of letters from Cameroon! However, at Brettenham, we are keen to emphasise that our link is not just a charity venture. Indeed, we can learn a lot from our African counterparts. In Cameroon, a lot of teaching and learning is very practical and relevant to life skills such as cooking, a subject that has begun to flourish at Brettenham in recent years! Potentially the most significant impact of our link with Babessi is enabling us to reflect on ourselves as a community. In Cameroon, very little is discarded, either it is passed on or recycled, either for its original purpose or in a new guise. This is an ethos we hope to bring to Brettenham, unfortunately London in 2013 is developing into a ‘throw-away’ society in which material goods are not valued or appreciated. We hope to question this ethos and place a greater emphasis on recycling. We are confident that our international link will develop us empathetically and philosophically.

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