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Coffee Stop

Coffee Stop

Wednesday 28th September 2016, at 9.15am: Meet the Senior Leadership Team; information on future Coffee Stops; Black History Week; school clubs; parent representative scheme; Open Evening


Wednesday 19th October 2016, at 9.15am: Meet the Safer Schools Officer for local community updates, gangs, safety, plus much more. Also, meet Cllr Yasemin regarding NHS and GP appointments, voice your concerns and ask questions


Wednesday 30th November 2016, at 9.15am: E-Safety workshops, keeping your child safe online and reporting any concerns


Wednesday 14th December 2016, at 9.15am: Welfare reform, priority and non-priority bills and budgeting workshop with the Citizens Advice Bureau 


Wednesday 22nd February 2017, at 9.15am: Spelling and Handwriting


Wednesday 29th March 2017, at 9.15am: Reading, Speaking and Listening


Wednesday 26th April 2017, at 9.15am: SATs information


Wednesday 24th May 2017, at 9.15am: Craig Park Children's Centre


 Wednesday 28th June 2017, at 9.15am: Social Skills


Wednesday 12th July 2018, at 9.15am: RRSA and Oral Hygiene

Spelling and Handwriting

Reading, Speaking and Listening

Breakfast Club every weekday at 8.15am and costs £1 per day...